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24 Hour Emergency Care

The Emergency Room at Bertrand Chaffee Hospital is located on the first floor of the hospital and may be accessed through the main door of the hospital on the west side of the building.


Upon arrival to the Emergency Department the following will take place:

  • A Registered Nurse (RN) will take you to a patient care area for an initial evaluation.
  • The RN will ask you about the problem that has brought you to the ER as well as past medical problems.
  • You will be asked about medications you are taking and any allergies you have.
  • Your vital signs (pulse, temperature, blood pressure) will be checked.  Your condition will also be assessed by looking at wounds and lacerations, listening to your heart and other procedures.
  • You or a family member will be asked to provide the registration clerk with your insurance and other personal information.
  • Patients will be seen in order of the severity of illness, not necessarily in the order of arrival at the Emergency Department.
  • All patients will be seen by a doctor who will determine the appropriate care that is necessary.  The doctor may order blood work, xrays, EKG's, breathing treatments, IV's, oxygen or medications.  The RN on duty will continue to monitor each patient's condition while in the Emergency Department.  If a patient or family member has any questions about the care that is being provided they should ask the nursing staff immediately.  Patients should not eat or drink while in the Emergeny Department unless directed to do so by the doctor or nursing staff.

Policies and Procedures


Since space is limited in the patient area, patients may have no more than one visitor at a time.

Phone calls

Cell phone use is not permitted in the patient area of the Emergency Department.  There is a courtesy phone located by the main entrance of the hospital if necessary.

Phone Advice

The Emergency Department does not attempt to diagnose or offer treatment suggestions over the phone.  Your will be told to call your family doctor or come to the ER is you feel you need to see a doctor.


Upon discharge an RN will review discharge instructions with you and/or a family member and a written copy of the instructions will be provided for you to take home.  You will also be given a survey to complete and return either by mail or put in the drop box before leaving the Emergency Department.  These surveys are an important evaluation tool to monitor and improve our care to you and your family in our Emergency Department.


Contact Info

222-224 East Main Street
Springville, NY 14141-1443
(716) 592-2871

Heart Center 592-9644

Primary Care Center 592-8140